Keeper of the Stone
Wayne R. Gunville
Turtle Mountain Chippewa

Wayne R. Gunville - Keeper of the StoneWayne was born and raised on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in Belcourt, N.D. His natural artistic abilities were recognized at an early age. Wayne attended Whapeton Indian Boarding School where he began experimenting with his fondness for art by creating pencil drawings, basically working with shading textures and color hues. This inspired Wayne to further his artistic interest as he went on to Flandreau Boarding School in South Dakota where he took oil and acrylic paints and created images and scenes of Southwestern Indian Cultures with such a talent and love of art. As Wayne went on to further his education attending North Dakota State School of Science in a Welding Trade Program, he learned how to mold and form new artistic designs with different metals. This in turn sparked a new perspective on his artistic endeavors and only encouraged his talent to become open minded to the limitless boundaries of art. Wayne then realized that with the abilities to create and refine, art was truly inspiring and intriguing. He wanted to take his artistic abilities to another level as he went on to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The IAIA introduced him to the natural beauty of Stone as an element of Mother Earth; this was a calling to not only bring out his artistic abilities, it also was a deep rooted heritage. Wayne created fifty sculptures out of different stone and with such intense detail that he had sold all fifty pieces in the IAIA Holiday Art Show. The IAIA recognized the inspirational artistic abilities that Wayne had to offer and granted him access to the tools he needed to create his masterpieces and helped him refine his skill in developing his unique artistic technique. The unique creativeness that Wayne would display in his work was recognized by his peers, instructors and general public throughout the United States. Wayne is inspired to take his artistic abilities to new levels of expression that are predominantly seen in his work today. Listed below are awards that he has received in recognition of fine quality artistic ability in working with stone and that have given him the ability to be called “Keeper of the Stone.”

  • 1st place Gift to Mother Earth Art Show - Crazy Horse SD June 2009
  • 1st Place 1988 Northern Plains Tribal Arts, Sioux Falls
  • 1st place 1989 Pasidina California
  • Best of Show 1989 Pasadena California
  • 1st Place 1989 Colorado Indian Art Market, Denver
  • 1st Place 1989 United Tribes Indian Art Expo, Bismarck
  • Best of Show and People’s Choice 1990 United Tribes Indian Art Expo, Bismarck
  • 1st Place and Best of Show 1990 Northern Plains Tribal Arts, Sioux Falls
  • 1st Place 1990 Dayton Ohio Art Show
  • 1st Place 1992 United Tribes Indian Art Expo Bismarck
  • 1st Place 1999 United Tribes Indian Art Expo, Bismarck
  • Best of Show and Alden Archambault Fine Arts Award, 2007 Great Falls Native American Art Show